Troughout your rotation, you will be expected to attend Resident Conferences, as they are a mandatory component to your rotation.  Resident Conferences are held each Wednesday morning from 7am-12pm in the B-16 Conference Room in the basement of the Korman Research Building.

Ocassionally, there are conferences that you do not have to attend.  These include: Resident Meeting, Institutional Curriculum, and the In-service Exam.  You are expected to attend all other lectures unless otherwise notified.

Our Resident Conferences are sometimes divided into a Junior and Senior Lecture series.  You are expected to attend the Junior Lecture Series, typically held in the front half of the conference room.

Please remember to sign in on the sheet of paper posted outside the door of the conference room to indicate your attendance.

Articles for Journal Club can be found in the Resources section of this site.

The schedule for this month’s Resident Conferences will be emailed to you.