EMS Division Overview

EM Resident Disaster Exercise Facilitated by EMS Division Faculty

Einstein’s commitment to care extends beyond hospital walls. Our dual board-certified Emergency Medical Services physicians work with local, regional, and national emergency services to provide guidance, education and expertise where needed, including for 911 operators and ambulance personnel. In addition, the EMS Division leads the institution’s emergency and disaster response, and provides associated training and guidance to the residents and the entire hospital staff. 

The mission of the Division is to prepare physicians, nurses, and out-of-hospital emergency care professionals for the challenges they will confront when delivering, researching or planning out-of-hospital emergency medical care in disaster and non-disaster environments or when special operations are required. Areas of expertise for Division members include hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, technical rescue, mass gatherings, fire ground operations, tactical medicine and major incident management.  

Division members teach annually at and have lectured at local, state and national EMS conferences. They are operational, administrative and scholarly leaders in EMS and it’s sub-specialties. Division members and Fellows also serve as Directors and Assistant Medical Directors for Philadelphia area EMS agencies and are active members of regional EMS Medical Advisory Committees.