Ultrasound Faculty

Neeraj Gupta, MD

Dr. Gupta is the co-director of the Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Division. Dr. Gupta graduated from Stony Brook University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. He currently is faculty at the Einstein Emergency Medicine Residency. His interests include: thoracic ultrasound, destroying stethoscopes, and fantasy football.

Jonathan Kaplan, M.D

Dr. Kaplan is one of our newest faculty members joining the Ultrasound Division. Dr. Kaplan graduated from New York Medical College and completed his residency at Maimonides Medical Center and ultrasound fellowship at University of Pennsylvania. His interests include: novel approaches to sonography, live music and guitar, snowboarding, and travel.

Claire Abramoff M.D

Dr. Abramoff wears many hats in the department. Not only is she an APD but she is also ultrasound fellowship trained and loves all things ultrasound. Dr. Abramoff did residency at the University of Chicago prior to completing an ultrasound fellowship at Emory. Her interests include:FOAM-ed, her pelaton, and her kids.